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Have your say about the corner of St. George

Local News

How important is your say? For this project it is VERY important and it will shape the look to our downtown for years to come.

We did a poll when this first came out and it was a 50/50 split of if we should keep the Super-Test station and reuse it as a multifunction facility or tear it all down for parking.

The county will be taking feedback until the 7th so this is the last time to get your feedback in.

To Leave your feedback, make sure you register for this and future projects for the county. Visit Redevelopment of 2 Beverly Street West in St George | EngageBrant for the official site.

Option 1 have it all Parking with trees
Option 2 provided by the county, have parking but also save the old SuperTest part of the building while removing the garage part that is currently there and have that as parking.

From our Councilor John MacAlpine even drew up his vision of the corner that by his calculations gives even more parking and also save the SuperTest building.

May be an image of floor plan
John MacAlpine’s Vision of the corner

Since then there has been a lot of feedback and some articles in the Expositor, we have added their links all below here.

Fate of former gas station fuels heritage concerns | Brantford Expositor

Competing visions for St. George’s main intersection | Brantford Expositor

Of course have your official say on Engage Brant